Timeline 1969-2017

Fourmyula – Released Nature in 1969 in the album “Creation”

Fourmyula (Nature).jpg

Tim Finn – Released I see red in 1978 in the album “Frenzy”

Tim Finn (I see red).jpg

Patea Maori Club – Released Poi E in 1982 as a single Waiata

Patea Maori Club (Poi E).jpg

Dave Dobbyn – Released the song Slice of heaven in 1986 in the album “Footrot Flats: The Dog’s Tale”

Dave Dobbyn (Slice of heaven).jpg

The Exponents – Released Why does love do this to me in 1992 in the album “Something Beginning With C”

The Exponents (Why does love do this to me).jpg

OMC – Released How Bizarre in 1996 in the album “How Bizarre”

OMC (How Bizzar).jpg

Katchafire – Released Love Letter in 2007 in the album “say what you’re Thinking”

Katchafire (LoveLetter) .jpg

Tiki Taane – Released Always on my mind in 2007 in the album “Past, present, future”

Tiki Taane (Allways on my mind).jpg

SIX60 – released Don’t forget your roots in 2011 in the album “Six60”

SIX60 (Dont forget your roots).jpg

1814 – Released the song Reggae Music in 2012 from the album “relax”

1814 (Regae Music).jpg

Tomorrow People – Released Ire Music in 2013 in the album “One.5”

Tomorrow People (IreMusic).jpg

Israel Starr – Released Long White Cloud in 2017 in the album the “Producers Chair Dancehall”

Israel Starr (long White Cloud).jpg


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